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If you have an online business, a blog, or something else that uses a website, you probably came across a tool called URL shortener. This gadget has different names, depending on which company you’re using.

Nowadays, services, such as the URL shortener, play a very important role. Unfortunately, some people are not quite sure how it works and the point of using it. That’s why we’ve systemized some of the essential information you should know about this service.

What do we offer?

URL Shortener, also known as a link compressor, is a tool used by people who want to transform an existing URL into whatever they want it to be. Our services usually appeal to those who wish to shorten a specific link so that it looks more appealing to online users.

There are all sorts of link shorteners out there, but not all of them work the same. Some companies offer more advanced services that allow you to connect your domain to the URL shortener.

Why do we need to use this service?

People who don’t use the internet on a daily basis may think that this service doesn’t make a lot of sense. After all, it doesn’t matter what the link says when it gives you access to the same thing, right? Although this is true up to a point, every URL shortening is done for a reason.

Hiding a link (aka Link Masking)

Since our URL shortener allows you to create your link, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that this service gives you the power to hide it. This was a common technique used by hackers who generated malicious links, which led to the introduction of numerous security tools.

In most cases, people use an URL Shortener when their original link is too long. However, some people use this service when they try to hide an affiliate link or promote a specific product.

Tracking a specific link

Even though there are some exceptions, most online businesses do everything in their power to attract as many new customers as possible. However, keeping track of new users and their activity is easier said than done. That’s why some businesses use specific tracking software in conjunction with their URL shortener.

Send more visually-appealing emails

Some people probably haven’t thought of this before, but you can now send more visually-appealing emails thanks to our URL Shortener. Instead of posting a long link to a colleague or a future business partner, you can make it look a lot better and explain what it is about.


Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social media used by millions of people. Although it is fun and easy to use, Twitter is notorious for its maximum messages limit, which means that you can’t post more than a fixed number of characters. This may not seem like a problem if you want to share something, but if you post a long link, it will quickly use up most of your space. Thus, people use URL shorteners all the time.

The conclusion

If you are active on social media or have an online business, you should definitely consider using a link shortener. Although people may think a shorter link doesn’t make a difference, in reality, it has a massive impact on some products’ popularity. You can always take a look at some of the world’s best companies and see how they structure their links.

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